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In 2023, we have added a touring caravan to our accommodations. Besides staying in one of our luxury holiday homes, you can now also book a fully equipped touring caravan! Handy if you do not have your own camping equipment but still want to camp!

2022 / 2023

We are going to continue to become more sustainable! By 2022, we will have installed 120 solar panels along with a heat pump boiler that provides hot water to all our showers and hot water facilities!

2022 / Waste separation

In addition to our underground residual waste container, we now also have an underground container for glass waste. This now makes us want to do our bit for a better environment at our campsite too. At the campsite, we separate our waste into the following categories:

Glass / Paper / PMD / VGF

All other waste that cannot be separated can be deposited in the residual waste container.

December 2021 / A tough decision

A very tough and also an emotional decision: at the end of December 2021, after more than 45 years of milking cows, we stopped dairy farming. So the dairy cows are no longer in the barn. We are currently looking at how we can still add animals to our farm again, but as a hobby and not a business. So you may see calves on our farm again next spring!

At minicamping Het Brook, you can enjoy camping with a tent, caravan or motorhome. It is also possible to spend the night in one of our luxury flats.