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The Singraven country estate originated as a knight's estate in the Middle Ages (1381). it offers nature lovers, art connoisseurs, peace seekers and recreationists many opportunities. Singraven country estate is beautifully located along the Dinkel, near Denekamp. The estate has many special monumental buildings, including the stately Singraven House, the cowshed behind it and the centuries-old water mill with three wheels. Singraven offers a multifaceted landscape with woods, lanes, fields, meadows, marshes, and the ever-present Dinkel. As a result, the estate has a surprising amount to offer: fascinating cultural history, peaceful and interesting nature, active recreational opportunities such as cycling or walking tours and much more. There are also guided tours and various activities.

Singraven country estate is easy to reach by following the signs "Singraven" from Denekamp. Parking is available near the water mill.

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